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Rt. Hon. Benjamin Kalu

Deputy Speaker, 10th House Of Representatives,
Federal Republic of Nigeria

About Benjamin Kalu

A refined legislator, Rep. Benjamin Okezie Kalu embodies the Nigerian spirit. With a sterling career as an international businessman and legal practitioner, Kalu's journey in Nigerian politics propelled him to the 6th highest political office in the nation, emerging as the Deputy Speaker of the 10th House of Representatives in June 2023. He has continued to serve the people of Bende Federal Constituency and the nation at large.

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Legislative Affairs

As one of the leaders of the 10th House of Representatives (the Peoples’ House), Kalu wears the dual hats of Chairman, House Committees of the Whole and on Constitution Review. Keep track of Rep. Kalu’s Legislative Agenda, bills and motions as well as the Constitutional Review activities of the 10th House..

Kalu’s Legislative Mission

Emboldened by his unrelenting quest for societal impact, BOK as he is fondly called, takes his “value” mantra all the way to national parliament.

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Bills and Motions

With over 100 legislative instruments in bills and motions, kalu’s commitment to inclusive growth through legislative interventions remains unparalleled

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Constitutional Review

As Deputy Speaker, Kalu assumes the role of Chairman, House Committee on the Review of the Nigerian Constitution. Follow the activities of the Committee.

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Featured Projects

Learn about the impactful projects of the two time Rep. who has been forthright in his mission to bring the dividends of democracy to Bende Federal Constituency, Abia State and the larger South East region of Nigeria.


Beyond the legislative chambers, Kalu launched the Peace in the South East Project (PISE-P) in an effort to restore the region to its once illustrious past and illuminating glory,, The project champions a non-kinetic approach to resolving the region's insecurity issues.

Constituency Projects

The impact of Rt. Hon. Kalu’s exemplary leadership and quality representation has been felt across the thirteen communities of Bende Federal Constituency and beyond, with several projects spanning various sectors of community development.


Development Partners

Meet our development partners who have key roles in helping to achieve sustainable human development in economic, social and environmental fronts

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